Christmas Savings & Deposits Club


Lots to choose from at Bumps'n'Babies in our Childrenswear & Toys for our Christmas Deposit Club. We want to give you the chance to purchase what you want with the help of our Deposit Club. 

Terms & Conditions Apply:

Payment Plan Details: Our payment plan is really simple. Just send me a message and let me know what you would like to order. The cost of your order is then broken down into whatever number of payments suits you (usually between 2-10 payments). A PayPal invoice is emailed to you weekly. You don't need to have a PayPal account for this. Once the first payment is made you are put into the order schedule and after the last payment is made the order ships. We don't charge admin fees or interest charges. 

Email your order to for us to process your order. Min order for deposits is €30. Only applies to Childrenswear & Toys (Melissa & Doug). Please check by our website to ensure its in stock in the size applicable. Details we also require on email are payment details paypal or cc details, Name & Postal Address.

Once we receive the order via email we can process the order. We will confirm everything to you via email and then process payment. Payments will be scheduled on a weekly basis through the payment gateway you have supplied but we will send a reminder email previous before taking the next payment.

Deposits will only be held for six weeks & when payment is complete we will then ship the items in your basket. 

A once off shipping fee will be charged and not on each item. If a payment is missed on a weekly basis we will send a reminder but if missed twice we will then cancel the order as we can;t keep stock due to other customers wanting sizes & styles also.

If you have any queries please contact us via email at or phone 085-8193469