Style for Mums to Be for Confirmations & Communions

Posted by Catherine Daly on

I'm getting Lots of email's and phone calls the last few weeks about Shopping & Styling Mums to be for Communions and Confirmations.

So i guess its time to start thinking of Maternity Occasion Outfits.

Obviously there are quiet a few  different styles and So of course we put our thinking caps on and came up with these different looks!

Hopefully there’s something that will take your fancy and or at least gives some inspiration for Mum's to be.

The Looks we have picked can be dressed up or down to wear after. For Me i like to get wear again from an outfit so wear it with Flats or Cardigan for comfort afterwards.

All of these Look's we have picked are comfortable as in pregnancy this is the Key !

The Styles come in Small 8-10, Medium 10-12, Large 14-16 and Some come in XL which is 16-18. I would always say stick with your own pre pregnancy size as the styles are for Pregnancy and there is a certain element to the structure of the dress which allows to expand. 

Star Buys - All Available @ Bumps'n'






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