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During my Pregnancies I was faced with a problem that some of you might be facing now – where to find maternity clothes for work without compromising on style and comfort. I had no problem finding casual maternity clothes but smart, fashionable maternity wear that was suitable for an office environment seemed non-existent. Of course, it depends on the environment you work in as to the types of clothes you’ll need.

For the first three or four months of pregnancy you can probably get away with wearing your usual clothes, as I did. But there will come a point where you find that you have to start moving buttons on your trousers and skirts, and wearing your shirts out rather than tucked in. When I reached the point that my buttons would go no further. I soon realised it was time to invest in a maternity working wardrobe.

The most important thing to think about is comfort. You’ll be spending most of your day in these clothes, not to mention your commute to and from work. I’d recommend wearing any new clothes around the house first before setting off for a long day in the office, after all your working wardrobe needs to be comfortable when standing, sitting and moving around. There’s certainly no easy fashion fix but getting it right isn’t as hard as it might seem. The answer is to think capsule wardrobe.

Smart Maternity Dresses in lovely, soft jersey fabrics are another lifesaver. These looked great with my longer-length suit jacket or a bright long-length maternity cardigan. Top the outfit off with a chunky necklace and your colleagues will never noticed the fact you’re eight months pregnant and waddling into the boardroom.

Layering is another perfect work wear solution. Maternity shirts, camis and T-shirts are ideal. These are cool, comfortable and stylish and will accentuate your bump nicely. They’re incredibly versatile and, twinned with smart maternity trousers or a skirt, will carry you through the seasons under a jacket or cardigan in winter, and on their own in summer..

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