Tips for a Perfect Bra Fit

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The Cake Lingerie Bra's and briefs are the most gorgeous pieces to hit the collection.  Featuring candy pink details on a sophisticated charcoal grey, these are stunning lingerie sest.  Lovely lace, feminine ribbon ribs and bows, you will feel all that is woman inside. 

For me, support was always, and still is, more important than anything.  A pretty bra will bring me in, but support will get me to stay.  With flexible underwire, you have all the support you need for the growing girls, but no harsh, uncomfortable wire issues.  The wider straps are satiny smooth and offer further support that will not cut into the skin.

80% of the support comes from the back band, so measure wisely!  Back when, I could never find a 32 band with the cup size I required, so I always settled for 34.  Just so wrong!  Years of wearing a bra without the adequate support… Cake Lingerie offers a really great range of sizes, especially for the larger than life breasts that come with pregnancy.

Sizing is just so key, isn’t it?  Cake Lingerie makes it easy for you to buy the correct bra size, as you know during pregnancy it changes quite a bit.  


Tips for Perfect Bra Fit

Your breasts are changing and with that comes your size and support needs.  What to keep in mind when shopping for a bra?

  • If you are bulging over the top or out the sides, go up a cup.
  • If back fat appears, go down a band size.  Your bra is too big!
  • When pregnant, start out and end with wire-free bras, a nice flexible wire from month 3-9 for support.
  • If your straps are falling down, go down a band size.
  • Bras lose tightness over time, make sure it fits on the loosest hook day one.
  • Never wear the same bra two days in a row.  They need a rest!

So ditch the boring bras we’re all told to wear during these times of pregnancy and nursing. 

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