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Are you ready with all your baby must-haves? Are you tired of shopping  and ticked off all the items on your list? Or are you dreaming about babygros and cellular blankets?
You may think it's a bit too soon to be worrying about baby's wardrobe, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Your baby may arrive earlier than expected - so best to have a lot done and not leave everything to the last minute. Here's a list of items you will need for your baby's early days.

• 7 or so front-fastening cotton stretchsuits, babygroes, or all-in-ones
• 7 or so cotton body vests (long and short-sleeved with poppers)
• 2 cardigans
• A few pairs of socks or booties
• 2 cotton hats
• 2 pairs of scratch mittens
• a baby shawl or small pram blanket for your journey home.
• Newborn nappies
• Cotton wool
• 2 or 3 soft, baby-sized towels for bath-time
• Muslin squares (always useful to mop up baby dribbles or leaking milk!)
• A well-fitting mattress for the cot, moses basket or carrycot you plan to use at first.
• Cotton cellular baby blankets so that you can easily adjust the number of layers covering your sleeping baby to prevent overheating.
• Cotton sheets
Remember that your newborn will quickly outgrow his or her clothes, and you may also receive many more items as baby gifts after the birth. Buy the basic essentials now, and get the rest when you need it. You'll have a much better idea of exactly what is useful once your baby has arrived.

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