Healthy Habits While Pregnant

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Sneaking in More Fruits and Veggies

I’ve always been a fan of sneaking in nutrients.  I feel there are a lot of ways to do this, whether you choose green monsters as my little ones call them,  salads, pureeing and adding to batter, omelets, chopping up veggies, etc. 


Water… lots of water!

I’ve always known water is important, and tried to get in at least 3 litres each day as a minimum! By starting off with in the morning, you will find it sets you up for a successful hydration day. 

Juice Plus

When I found out I was pregnant, when I wanted nothing more than foods that would stay down, I have heard lots recently on Juicing. Meaning that it is just fruits and veggies packed which is so so healthy for Mum and baby.  Sometimes i found i was  struggling to eat my normal amount of daily fruits and veggies and i think this is a great way to keep healthy with all the good from juicing.  


Staying Active

Even though energy is back after 12 weeks, there are still days when you feel like you could crash at 2:00pm.  Sometimes you will sneak in a cat nap. Maybe you will find an hour of yoga is helping you to stay feeling energetic and somewhat toned while you watch the scale creep up every week (I know, I’m pregnant. People like to remind me of that.  But it still doesn’t make it fun to see the number on the scale steadily rise…)

Plus, research shows that staying active while pregnant can help reduce labor time, speed up recovery, and help you get back in to shape more quickly after baby comes. 


Rubbing the Belly

So I’ve heard that stretch marks are hereditary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do everything you can to prevent them.  Along with gaining weight slowly and steadily throughout pregnancy and staying hydrated, I have heard that rubbing  the belly down with Bio Oil after every shower. I hear lots recommend the New Bia Beauty Apple Blossom Body Butter now for mums too. 

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