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Pregnancy is a temporary period. And that's why many ladies demand their maternity clothes to be as versatile as possible. You're probably no exception. Obviously, maternity clothes need to fit you throughout your pregnancy, and it should also fit you after pregnancy. Some ladies want maternity clothes that are also designed for breastfeeding. Now, add one more to the list of requirements.

Now, you need that plain (usually black) maternity dress to transform into something suitable for a wedding or cocktail event. The good news is... special occasion maternity dresses are achievable!


Here are some ideas on how to dress up your plain black maternity dress, whether short or long, so that you can still look fantastic at a special occasion in it.

  • If it's a short dress, a pair of sheer maternity tights will instantly lift the look and balance out the matte black of the dress. 
  • A pair of comfortable mid-heels is enough to lift your height and make you feel more glamorous. Yes, it is generally recommended that you start avoiding any sort of heels past your first trimester. But, a couple of hours in comfortable mid-heels shouldn't do any harm. It's all about your actual comfort on the day.
  • If you are wearing hosiery, it can get slippery between your feet and the shoe, so you need the straps.
  • A plain black dress is already a minimalist look. A winning minimalist look requires you to be well-groomed. That means, your nails have to be neatly manicured and polished to look beautifully clean (a french manicure is always a good bet). Ensure that you are exfoliated all over to show off your glowing complexion. Have a neat hair style that doesn't meddle in your face too much.
  • Add a touch of fancy to turn your plain dress into a special occasion maternity dress. This can be in the form of glitzy jewellery, but don't overdo it. For example, if you are going earrings and necklace, try not to wear any bangles or bracelets and minimise to just one ring. My favorite touch of fancy is a fresh flower in the hair for that instant youthful, fresh look. Alternatively, you can opt for a glamorous brooch, on the shoulder, chest, sash or in your hair.
  • My favorite tip to pulling off the glamorous you in a plain dress is something that can be practiced and doesn't require any particular commodity. Ready for it? It's your posture!! Maintaining an effortless straight back and relaxed shoulders is enough to pull off the event with grace.

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